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75,00 €

We can meet your sunflower husk pellet needs. Yes, we can pack it in a big bag according to your requirements. We have agricultural plantations and a production warehouse in Spain. We are one of the largest manufacturing and distribution companies in Spain. Below is the purchase process:

CIF selling price...75 euros per ton


Total investment on delivery 9.19%

Ash in dry form 3.97%

Received ash 3.61%

Volatile matter, dry 73.65%

of volatile matter, as I got 66.88%

Caloric value of dry matter 4813 kcal/kg (20.15 MJ/kg)

Received caloric value 4371 kcal/kg (18.30 MJ/kg)

Received caloric value 4064 kcal/kg (17.02 MJ/kg)

Sulfur in dry form 0.25%

Sulfur as I got 0.23%

with a diameter of 8 mm

Length 4-10 mm

Density 1-1.4 kg/dm^3

Bulk density 650 kg/m^3

We are producers of sunflower pellets. Sunflower shells are the best in their class. It also contains some oil, so it is in its own class in terms of caloric value. Serious buyers should contact us for further information.

Minimum order quantity: 100t

Maximum order quantity: 50000t

If you urgently need pellets, please contact our sales department at

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